Weight Loss for Women:

As we all exist under an increasing social and media pressure to be stick thin, the average dress size of “real” women is growing at a never seen before rate. This conflict between ideal and reality results in a lot of women with incredibly low body image and self-worth.

 So what accounts for this discrepancy? Are women rebelling against the aesthetic demands being forced upon them? Does the blame lie with the junk food industry; their tempting ads’ and oversized portions?

 For many women, gender has its role to play. Women often serve as carers in several capacities: Be this wife, mother, carer of elderly relatives, all round multi-tasker, superwoman and dogsbody! With so little time to devote to oneself, it can all too often become easier to “eat you feelings,” as opposed to express and deal with them. And with opportunities to put our feet up being few and far between, the temptation to reach for a sugary snack to keep us going is always fairly high.

 Weight Loss Hypnotherapy gets to the root of the issue; to separate diet from emotion and allow eating to become purely about the food. Once this is accomplished, new ways of eating can be learned so increased satisfaction comes from decreased portion sizes and great tasting, healthy foods. Motivation for exercise can be established and fat metabolising suggestions given to produce a physically and psychologically healthier, slimline new you!

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